Unity and Compass

The game development tools enable designing realistic and immersive experiences, which engage millions of users across the globe. This distinguishing feature has awakened the industry to apply it into several segments, propelling business innovation forward. One example is the Unity engine, the most popular software for developing games worldwide. In partnership with Unity, Compass designs and delivers corporate solutions to promote and expedite digital transformation throughout all economic sectors.

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What we do

3D Modeling icon.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the digital representation of a real object and/or environment, leading the experience into a unique interaction in the virtual world. The difference is in the enhanced focus on details and optimization. Thus, we develop high-fidelity 3D models for various industries in architecture projects, product design, engineering/construction, educational projects, and more.

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Data & analytics

A mountain of unpolished stone ready to become diamonds is how we define Big Data, which turns data into strategic information. Lapidation is a crucial step in our work with Analytics. Turn your data into a precious strategy, map out the user's journey, beginning to end, and test hypotheses in a digital environment before implementing them on your actual business!

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Immersive digital environments

To provide a memorable experience, we deliver more than an immersive environment. The magic happens using the Unity engine, which allows creating fully 3D-modeled environments, transcending the boundaries of imagination. We promote the client's brand values and culture in each detail of the virtual space.

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Transforming the user's journey into a unique and fun experience is what we do. We offer the best of the gaming universe to engage clients, encourage behaviors, and give a new meaning to the user's activity on the app and digital platforms.

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Multiplayer experience

In an ever more connected world, users require experiences that provide quick response time (low latency) and innovative solutions to revolutionize connectivity. We use the most advanced technologies to deliver multiplayer solutions, granting social interactions in virtual environments far beyond the real world.

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Next-level interactions

Surprising interactions with elements shown on next-level presentations! Our high-fidelity 3D models ensure a 360° view and interaction with objects in the virtual environment. They can now be visualized in great detail and from all angles.