Microsoft and Compass

For 5 years we have been delivering innovation together, designing and implementing solutions that allow great ideas to have an even greater impact. We count on several Microsoft competencies such as Data Center migration to Cloud, development of Applications, Data Analysis and Cognitive Services, Artificial Intelligence projects, Machine Learning, Security and Collaboration in the Work Environment, our alliance is complete.

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What we do

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Cloud Migration

To succeed in using cloud, you must adopt an efficient cloud journey strategy. With Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, we can guide our customers on this journey, helping them to improve design, planning, and migration. Our service includes a set of activities, which are part of a structured methodology that defines which applications or services must be migrated, how and when this migration will be carried out.

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Cost Management and Optimization

It takes knowledge and practice to take advantage of the full potential that the cloud can offer. We build customized strategies, ensuring the best experience in use, governance, and management of cloud environments. We use the best tools in the market to help and provide transparency to our customers on the costs of each service, which can be monitored monthly by your company's boarding.

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Architecture of Cloud Environments

With the Well-Architected Framework, we assist our customers to choose the best architecture for their business, aiming at the economy, performance, reliability, and security of their workload. This set of best practices recommended for Azure architecture will help you on your journey and in prioritizing what matters most to your business.

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Security and Governance Services

Our service is based on cloud providers best practices, we help our customers manage information about resources, use, and consumption, access, and control vulnerabilities, to ensure that the security of the cloud environment is always evolving.

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Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we revolutionize traditional business processes. Our developers and data scientists accelerate innovation in a variety of sectors, helping your company throughout the transformation journey.

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Application Modernization

We scale and reduce testing time by modernizing your business applications. In addition, we manage the health and performance assessment to offer you the best user experience.

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Architecture Optimization

Compass' technical staff is extremely specialized and constantly updated. In this way, we offer constant improvements and optimization in the architecture of the environment in Public Cloud, with aggregate services, in order to lead our customers to excellence.

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Consulting for Business Strategies and Digital Transformation

We build digital experiences that drive our customers' growth. We provide strategic consulting based on the most innovative solutions and services in the market, covering all fronts of technology, and that guarantees our customers the path to digital transformation.

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Data & Analytics

A mountain of rough stone, ready to turn into a diamond. That is how we describe big data. Count on our consultancy specialized in supporting data-driven transformation, shaping people, processes and technology.

We have achieved the most important Certification

We were recognized as Rising Star Partners in the ISG Provider Lens ™ Microsoft Ecosystem Partners Report, a research in 2020 that attests to companies with a robust portfolio and leaders in the technology market.

Gold Microsoft Partner.
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