Stix evolves its points exchange platform using Oracle and Microsoft technologies, with Compass UOL´s support

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Stix is ​​the point of great brands and the first ecosystem of loyalty programs in Brazilian retail. Big Brazilian brands are part of Stix, such as Pão de Açúcar, Droga Raia, Extra and Drogasil, in addition to a partnership with iupp from Itaú.

The company has an innovative value proposition, starting with the ecosystem concept: with just one registration at Stix, it is possible to join and exchange the same point in different retail brands. Another difference is that the stix point only expires once a year, making it possible to send stix between accounts without fees. In addition, when exchanging for prizes, the consumer knows how much he has in his wallet, because the value of the stix is ​​open: 100 stix is ​​equivalent to R$1.00. With the partnership with Itaú, it is possible to transfer points from the card, known as iupp points, to Stix for free.

For retailers, Stix takes care of the entire exchange and point technology platform, guaranteeing autonomy for each major brand to maintain its loyalty program, which is strengthened by integrating with other brands with Stix. The big brands that are part of the ecosystem benefit from consumers who were not theirs before, but who started to direct their purchases to them in order to gather stix.

With consultancy from Compass UOL and using Oracle Commerce Cloud and Microsoft Azure technologies, the company created a complete solution from the restructuring of the existing architecture. This change expands the operating channels beyond mobile, allowing the exchange of stix points more quickly on the new website and new partnership opportunities for consumers.

Our challenges

Stix was looking to expand its operations and enhance the integration between the brands of GPA and RaiaDrogasil groups, which include Pão de Açúcar, Droga Raia, Extra and Drogasil. For this, it was necessary to consolidate and strengthen the Stix architecture.

The order fulfillment process, sold by different brands, depended on revamping the architecture and approaches already in place at Stix. For this, it was necessary to unify products´management for all existing channels, such as the mobile app and partners' embedded apps, and in the new website solution.

Our solutions


  1. We have migrated Oracle Loyalty product catalog, used to manage loyalty programs in the cloud, to an ecommerce structure, using Oracle Commerce Cloud platform.
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  3. We have unified the product vision for all of Stix's 17+ partners, including Pão de Açúcar, Droga Raia, Extra and Drogasil, considering the multiple channels available.
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  5. We have remodeled the product management architecture, expanding the structure to receive new channels and partners, allowing unified order closing.
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  7. Microsoft Azure Cloud has made deployment easy through easy management, development, scalability, and resource sharing.

Main results

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Expansion of Stix exchange channels, offering more options to participants.

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New features on the platform, which now has an ecommerce.

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Speed ​​and assertiveness in stix exchange.

Our differentials

  • Agile methodology.
  • Team of specialized and certified professionals in partners' main cloud technologies.
  • Centralization of the main operating activities in an administrative portal fully designed for the segment needs.
  • Constant exchange of knowledge and availability of technical team, providing advice on good data engineering practices.