Natura &Co speeds up the internationalization of its four brands in Latin America with a new modular architecture, supported by Compass UOL

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The world's largest B Corp, Natura &Co is a purpose-oriented group formed by four iconic beauty companies: Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop. Present in more than 110 countries, with more than 3,700 stores, 35,000 employees and 8 million representatives and consultants, the group is guided by the belief that it can nurture beauty and relationships for a better way of living and doing business. Using clean code concepts, modular architecture and decoupled from software, and using the Lean project management methodology to guarantee the agility of the execution, Compass UOL restructured the architecture and the front end that supports the e-commerces of the four companies of the group Natura &Co Latin America, creating a unique code based on React and SPA, and a modular structure adaptable to the inclusion of new functionalities, which can be replicated in any country. In a mobile-first project, the release of the new architecture was carried out gradually, in the blue/green method, using the Akamai CDN to mitigate risks and test features, impacting the fewest number of users possible. In addition, Compass UOL helped Natura &Co Latin America to optimize navigation, delivering a website with fast loading even at the lowest connection speeds and on any platform - desktop, mobile and app - using the AWS cloud and the Salesforce's e-commerce engine.

Our challenges

Natura &Co Latin America sought to restructure the architecture of the websites of the group's brands without creating a rupture in the technical architecture, improving performance and ensuring the speed and the efficiency of the channel, with a balance between the offer of content and the consumer's journey. In addition, the company aimed to adopt a modularized structure, which allows it to adapt the features and the content available, in an agile way, for the four brands of the group and for any geography, maintaining the speed of implementations, the aesthetic cohesion between brands and optimizing costs. The company also needed to meet the particularities of the Brazilian connection, with accessibility in connections of different types and speeds, from mobile hardware with different performances.

Our solutions


  1. We carried out a complete analysis of the existing architecture to solve the business challenges of Natura &Co Latin America.
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  3. We develop adaptable code, based on React and SPA, and a modular front end architecture in layers, creating a structure prepared to receive and disconnect features, connections and adapt the UX according to the need.
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  5. We created a content library, using design system concepts, which centralizes reusable components in all the group's operations and websites.
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  7. We restructured a solution based on e-commerce Salesforce, with hosting in the AWS cloud, delivering lighter navigation.
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  9. We developed an SDK that allows integration with backend functions, maintaining the characteristic of single and reusable code, even having as back end different Digital Commerce platforms: Oracle and Salesforce.
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  11. We performed the integration using the Mulesoft API Gateway solution, to ensure governance in the exchange of information between front end and back end applications.
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  13. We designed a blue/green release strategy, using the Akamai CDN, that allows the gradual and predetermined access of the consumers, to test functionality and make adaptations with minimal impact.

Main results

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Unified code for all brands and regions.

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Up to 10x faster website loading and more fluid navigation.

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Increase of 218% in the number of pages visited.

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Increase of 251% in average navigation time per access.

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Acceleration of internationalization - possibility of implementing websites in new geographies within 15 days.

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Possibility of enabling or disabling features according to geography, without prejudice to access.

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Fast implementation - two months of core development and implementation for Brazil, with rollout of new operations planned for 2022.

Our differentials

  • Engaged teams, with knowledge of the business and ease of assimilating challenges.
  • Experience in enterprise projects, with large development squads.
  • Understanding of the main premises for the success of projects, focusing on user experience with simplicity.
  • Proficiency of the technologies adopted.
  • Partnership with leading technology providers in the market.
  • The agile methodology adopted by the company was a key success factor to guarantee deliveries in super challenging deadlines and conditions.