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a Compass

These are unprecedented times when old convictions are torn just like paper sheet.

If in the past we could not assume disorientation - even though we felt it - now more
than ever we are open to discuss vulnerability.

More than that, we understood that it's ok to feel a bit lost, because we were forced to
realize that the only certainty is the uncertainty.

But what if, magically, we could see the future and transform our uncertainty into a
direction? Someone to solve our needs even before we realize we need it?

We can say Compass is a bit closer to the future than most of us, right? Because
these people are passionate about what the future will bring us.

But if it's a big ambition to show a direction to the future,
it is also in its very DNA, its own name.

To be a Compass.
Let's embrace it.


the north


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whole new level. Or, if you prefer, to
the future.

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